Project Management

The backbone of Regal Technology Partner’s renowned service reputation is prioritizing our customer’s needs. The Regal team works aggressively to complete objectives, priorities, requirements and concepts. Strong communication, support and a commitment to excellence contribute to the Regal program management team being the ideal partner for any of your project needs.

The Regal project management team diligently monitors and ensures that all aspects of any project are completed to the highest quality standards. With over 20 years of experience supporting both civilian and government markets, we have the skills to identify potential pitfalls that can force a project off schedule.


Regal Technology Partners are dedicated to creating products that exceed our customer’s expectations. For many of our customers, the products they need the most are the ones they need built to their exact specifications. We have expertise in all areas of electromechanical engineering, manufacturing, and production logistics.

We are able to evaluate optimize product designs to increase manufacturability. This includes streamlining the product process, minimizing failures to improve costs, and structuring the Bill of Materials to reduce manufacturing times. Our goal is to make your product easier and more cost-effective to manufacture.

We also specialize in increasing the longevity of a product by evaluating its serviceability. Our engineers work to ensure that your product can be repaired easily and at a competitive cost. We also focus on reducing the mean-time-to-repair so that your product spends less time in the shop and more time in the field.

All assembly methods are guarded by multiple process controls. Our qualified assemblers are certified in their field and have ongoing scheduled training in industry standards. For product safety we maintain a zero contaminate standard on our product floor.


Our high standard of quality is maintained through stringent process controls and comprehensive employee training. Quality checks are preformed on a regularly schedule basis and our project management team is devoted to quality service, support and excellent customer satisfaction.